romanian journal of physical therapy



The paperwork will be closely reviewed by at least two competent referees, in order to correspond to the requirements of an international journal. This journal uses a double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. After that, the manuscripts will be sent to the journal’s referees, taking into account the issue of the paperwork. The editorial staff will receive the observations from the referees and will inform the author about the changes and the corrections that had to be done, in order to publish the material reviewed. The review process should last about 5 weeks. The author will be informed if the article was accepted for publication. 


To avoid plagiarism, we always use Viper checker software. 

Together with the appearance of a paper in the journal, the royalties do not belong to the author anymore but to the journal, so the paper cannot be sent for publication anymore, totally or partially, to another magazine unless the Reviewing Committee agrees to it. The journal does not publish papers appeared previously in other magazines in the country or abroad. The responsibility for the scientific contents of the material belongs entirely to the author/authors. The editing staff provides the right to reply with scientific and methodic proper arguments expressed in a civilized academic language. No part of the published papers can be used, sold, copied or distributed without the author’s previous written agreement and only respecting the Law nº 8/1996 regarding copyright and related rights.


All possible conflicts of interest will be mentioned by the authors, as well as there is no conflict of any kind. If there are financing resources, they will be mentioned in the paperwork.